Beyond the Classroom

We provide a free 24/7 anonymous text hotline as a resource for youth beyond classroom presentations or support groups.  Whether you have a question or concern, or are seeking information or support for yourself or someone else, a trained Youth Prevention Advocate will respond within 24 hours.

TEXT 612-440-3967 from anywhere in the United States, anytime.

What’s a Youth Prevention Advocate?

A Youth Prevention Advocate is a person with personal lived experience in recovery from substance use who’s been trained to work with students and provide non-clinical support to those impacted by the negative effects of substance use and mental health issues.  The Youth Prevention Advocate will answer questions, clarify or address concerns, and provide a connections to additional resources as needed.


See How it Works


Students are often reluctant to discuss personal subjects like substance use and mental health with their peers or in front of their teachers; they may feel vulnerable, or fear getting themselves or someone they care about in trouble.   Our Youth Prevention Advocates are trained to create a judgment-free atmosphere to allow for youth to ask questions and provide answers with direction.